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Frequent Asked Questions

  • Why should i use Easy-Gig ?
    At the moment, you have access to 7000 VALID & DETAILED VENUE CONTACTS with CLICKABLE LINKS to E-MAIL, WEBSITE, FB & DIRECTIONS of the VENUES . The venue-contact-data is shown on a interactive map what allows you to plan your tours economical. Swipe with your Mouse over the venue-icons on the map and you have all the information of each venue. There are CLICKABLE LINKS to EMAIL(s), WEBSITE, FACEBOOK and VENUE-DIRECTIONS. You see the phone number(s), responsible Person and Capacity-Info where available. You don't need to painfully surf the web anymore, getting wrong E-Mail-Information and/or Dead-Web-Links. At my Website, there is no publicity or annoying ads and you are not routed to external commercial websites; you see what you need. With Easy-Gig Interactive Map you will save a lot of quality time and money in future. GET YOUR FREE TRIAL TODAY (NO Credit Card needed for sure)
  • Do i have to enter my credit-card details to apply for Free Trial ?
    No, not at all. I also don't like to give my credit card details for "so called Free Offers". At Easy-Gig, for sure you don't have to submit your credit card info to get your Free Trial. The only thing you have to do is your subscription at Easy-Gig. (Why ? to to protect my site from bots and spam) Go to PRICE PLANS, select the FREE TRIAL PLAN and Sign Up. You ave to enter your First- and Last-Name, your E-Mail-Address, set your Password and click send. You will receive an E-Mail, click on the link in the Mail, that's it; your Map-Access is set. GO TO MEMBER-AREA, select INTERACTIVE MAP and ENJOY :-)
  • Why do i have to register at Easy-Gig to get my Free Trial
    The Registration-Process incl. "ReCaptcha" (confirm bridges on the picture / confirm that you're a human and not a bot is simply to protect my site from bots and spam.
  • What do i have to do in order to present my Band on your Website ?
    Thanks for your interest. Every Band subscribing an Annual-Priceplan can present the band on Easy-Gig with all necessary informations. Examples you find here: It is still the beginning but growing day by day. In the first 26 days online, Easy-Gig already has close to 1000 hits on the website. Find here your Annual Access-Plan for the Interactive Map (include's Member-Area Access and also PRESENTATION OF YOUR BAND): Rock On
  • Are the Bands presented on your website in alphabetical order ?
    No, i will fill from top to bottom. The earlier you subscribe your annual priceplan, the better place you have on the site.
  • What do you need from my band to be presented on ?
    After your subscription, please send following Informations to -your Homebase -your Booking-Email -your Website-Address -Social-Media-Links: FB / Instagram / Spotify / TikTok / Twitter / LinkedIn -Press-Kit -Band-Picture -Short-Bio -Links of Performances (preferrably Live and only in good quality). Easy-Gig appreciate, if you set our Logo on your website, linked to
  • Are you adding more venues ?
    Easy-Gig is doing periodically updates with new venues and also modifications of existing-ones in order to keep the database with actual informations. Lot's of US-Venues (around 2000) are in preperation and will be added step by step after being validated. AT THE MOMENT, YOU HAVE ACCESS to 7000 DETAILED & VALID VENUE CONTACTS with CLICKABLE LINKS. Thus Easy-Gig appreciate's your feedback if you figure-out changes at venues. To submit new venues or modifications, please select CONTACT & Submit Venue in the Top-Menu, where you find respective forms: Thank you
  • What is the duration of my subscription ?
    Your subscription is valid for 1 year (12 month) and will be automatically extended for another year unless you cancel 2 weeks prior to the end-date (you will get notified by E-Mail).
  • Is my subscription extended automatically ?
    The deadline for the ordinary termination of EASY-GIG results from the time of conclusion of the contract (valid 1 year from conclusion) and must take place no later than 14 days before expiry of the contract
  • Easy-Gig Plans for future ?
    As soon as there are more Bands presented on the website, the Venues will be more involved automatically, but also from Easy-Gig-Side it is planned to involve the Venues active in order to make Easy-Gig as a platform where Artists & Venues meet. Touring for Rockbands and Metalbands
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